Release Notes v3.3 [Distro Family]

Lomboz Packaging

The Lomboz 3.3 Distro Family includes five separate distros packaged for specific development tracks:

Lomboz for Web: A virtual distribution that contains everything to get you started with Web application development: Lomboz, Apache Tomcat and all the popular Web application frameworks.

Lomboz for Enterprise: A virtual distribution that contains everything to get you started with Web application development, persistence and enterprise components such as EJBS: Lomboz,RedHat JBoss, Hibernate, Spring Framework and more.

Lomboz BPEL: A virtual distribution that contains everything to get you started with Business Process Management and BPEL: Lomboz, Apache ODE and Apache Tomcat.

Lomboz for Portals: A virtual distribution that contains everything to get you started with developing enterprise portals: Lomboz, Liferay Portal.

Lomboz for WebOS: A virtual distribution that contains everything to get you started with developing enterprise portals and eXo platforms WebOS: Lomboz, eXo WebOS. Each distro is based on the Lomboz 3.3 code base, but bundles different external open source packages - eXo portal, Spring, Struts, etc. - to support the target usage scenarios. We continue to provide the all-in-one packages that are easy setups. They contain everything (eclipse, all prereqs, third party packages and Lomboz) in one big zip file. Just donload it and start using it. No complex setup issues. With the 3.3 release, Lomboz provides an IDE that has tools for Struts, JSF, Portals, JPA, Databases, Hibernate, Spring Framework, BPEL and ofcourse Java EE development with EJBs, Servlets and JSPs. Proving a rich set of tools also means that Lomboz all-in-one has a large download size and large number of plug-ins. In order to provide partial capabilities for users who do not need the complete set of tools, we have provided seperate packages for BPEL, SpringIDE and Hibernate tools. These packages contain not only the third part tools such as the Eclipse BPEL Editor, but has Lomboz plugins such as the Lomboz BPEL runtime support for development and testing of business processes.


The Lomboz 3.3 Distro Family is being made available as Cloudsmith virtual distros. When you "materialize" the virtual distro, the different packages that make up the distro are downloaded and assembled directly from their original projects sites, rather than all coming directly from Lomboz.

Each distro is represented by a unique materialization link. Clicking on the link configures and launches a wizard which executes the materialization by retrieving the files and assembling them on your local target. The wizard lets you exclude specific packages, select update/conflict settings and materialize directly into an Eclipse workspace (instead of a local file system). You can also save these settings so that you can re-execute the exact same materialization later or share it with others.

We use the free service from Cloudsmith to deliver our virtual distros, and you can learn more about virtual distros at

Lomboz Downloads and Updates

Our conventional packagings of the core Lomboz 3.3 all-in-one continue to be available through our downloads and updates pages.

JavaEE and Web Development

Since contributing the original source code of Lomboz to Eclipse Web Tools Platform to seed that project along with other contributors, the new Lomboz is buillt on the Eclipse open source platform and the Web Tools Platform. Lomboz developers enjoy all standard WTP tooling such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Servlet, EJB, XML, XSD and Web Services editing, validation and wizards as well as the new graphical Web Page Editor, Java Server Faces (JSF) and Java Persistence API (JPA) tools.

Database Development

Lomboz contains Eclipse Data Tools Platform, a set of tools for database related development frameworks. Specifically, relational database systems connection profiles, and tools such as SQL editors and result set views.

BPEL Tools

Lomboz packages Eclipse BPEL Project to add comprehensive support for the definition, authoring, editing, deploying, testing and debugging of WS-BPEL 2.0 processes. Tools include the designer, a graphical means to author BPEL processes and validation that produces errors and warnings based on the specification. Lomboz also adds support for the execution of BPEL processes from the tools into open-source BPEL engines such as Apache ODE.

You can view the following flash demonstration and learn how to use BPEL tools with Lomboz. Go to BPEL demo.

Apache ODE and Eclipse BPEL Designer projects are still under development. These teams are building excellent software, but they will release more tsable versions in the coming months. Please take this into consideration when evaluating these features and report any bugs so that we can improve the end-user experience.

JSR-168 and Portal Tools

Lomboz contains tools to support portal development. These tools contain Wizards for JSR-168 compliant portlet development. Development of portlets using open-source portal frameworks such as the ObjectWeb eXo Platform, and Liferay.

Struts Tools and Editors

Lomboz has tools for the popular Apache Struts Web framework that makes working with struts XML configurations very easy. Struts tools support v1.3 and provides an Configuration and Tiles Editor with auto-completions, syntax highlighting and validation. Struts editors even support semantic auto-completion for class names, form/tiles names, forwards and actions. Struts tools also contains a Wizards for Actions, Forms and Page.

Spring Framework Tools and Editors

Lomboz packages the popular SpringIDE (v2.0/2.1) tools for Spring framework support. These tools contain support for Spring 2.0 namespace-based configurations, smart XML editing with content-assist, validation, graphical views and outlines.

Hibernate Tools and Editors

Lomboz packages the popular Hibernate Tools that makes working with Hibernate mappings, APIs and the query language very easy. Hibernate tools support Hibernate v3.x and provides an XML Mapping Editor with auto-completions, syntax highlighting and validation. Hibernate also contains a Console, Wizards, Ant tasks for schema generation, and Reverse engineering mappings from Databases.