Flash Demos
These are the brand new flash demos that will give you a quick start with many of the standard development tasks with lomboz:

BPEL Development using Lomboz tools - [(hello.zip) Sample BPEL Files used in the demo]

Struts based Web application development using Lomboz tools

SOA Demos: Creating SCA Web Modules with Lomboz

SOA Demos: Creating SCA Java(Client)Modules with Lomboz

JSR 168 Portlet Development using Lomboz and Exo Portal

JSR 168 Portlet Development using Lomboz and Liferay Portal

Developing Session Beans (EJB) with a Web Client using Lomboz

Developing XML Beans using Lomboz

We are authoring the new set of documents for Lomboz. Until they are available, you can consult WTP tutorials below:

Servlet Creation and Deployment on Tomcat Tutorial

Building a School Schedule Web Application

Building a Simple EJB Application

Building and Running a Web Application

Creating XML Documents Tutorial

Developing the WTP with Eclipse

Reintroducing the Structured Source Editing family of editors

Tutorial for RDB

XML Catalog Tutorial

XML Schema Editor Tutorial (also available as a viewlet)

WSDL Editor Tutorial

XML Validation Tutorial

Generic Server- Server definition file explained

Web Services tutorials:

Bottom up Web service supporting flexible projects

Top down Web service supporting flexible projects

Using Web Service Explorer to test a Web service

Web service client supporting flexible projects