OW2 Lomboz

Lomboz is an open source and free J2EE development environment for businesses and individuals. You can develop, test, profile and deploy Web, Web services, Java, J2EE and EJB applications with this IDE. Lomboz has comprehensive support for most J2EE standard application server runtimes, and supports most popular open source runtimes such as JOnAS, and other vendor runtime environments. Lomboz is buillt on the Eclipse open source platform and the Web Tools Platform (WTP) projects. more...


  • Preconfigured with Eclipse Ganymede and Europa for enteprise Java/JEE development
  • Includes Eclipse Webtools Platform, Web Services, JSF and JPA Tools
  • Includes BPEL Editor and builtin support for Apache ODE
  • SOA support with REST, JAX-WS and JAXB
  • Java Portal and Portlet Development Tools and support for Liferay and eXo Portals
  • Bundles Spring IDE, Hibernate and Struts Tools
  • Easy installation with cloudsmith virtual distros
  • Support options

Lomboz 3.3 Distro Family
We are pleased to announce the availability of a new family of product variations based on the Lomboz 3.3 distro. These new distros are designed to meet the needs of specific development scenarios such as basic web development, portal development, business process orchestration or enterprise applications. Each will be provided as a virtual distro using the Cloudsmith service, which makes creating and supporting multiple distros that include packages from multiple open source projects much easier for us and our community. You can find more info on these distros in the release notes and you can download them on the Lomboz 3.3 virtual distro page.
08.11.2007 10:00
Lomboz 3.3 (Europa) Final Released
We are happy to announce the availability of ObjectWeb Lomboz™ 3.3 Final. The new version 3.3 of ObjectWeb Lomboz™ provides all new editors for BPEL, BPEL runtime support with Apache ODE, and editors for Apache Struts, Spring Beans and Hibernate. For a detailed list please see the release notes. The new version is currently available as downloads.
29.10.2007 10:00